No. 617 (Have 5 colour)

A wallet that is more than just money. A wallet that can be used for both money, calling cards and can be extended. One piece, can put everything. Can be used as a clutch to go to the event. The zipper in the back compartment is complete. The leather is soft and cannot be easily taken care of.

No. 620 (Have 4 colour)

Smooth but not smooth !!
Zip around, single zipper inside, decorated up to 4 compartments And there is another zipper compartment hidden Distinct at the zipper. FAGINO choose the best quality zipper grade, not easily broken, important parts, shiny black, luxurious, very barking dog. And have an arm strap as well.

No. 619 (Have 4 colour)

Who likes short folded backpack this way please Small size but can hold the capacity, not lost, long fold Insert card, insert bank, insert all coins in one card Cute colors, pleasing The texture of the leather is so soft. Anyone who uses short folds, the pros already know, won’t get in the bag at all.

No. 616 (Have 3 colour)

The zip around is folded up. Smooth but luxurious, smooth but large There are slots, coins, cards, bank slots With a soft leather that allows you to put in lots of items, however flexible. Zipper quality, not to mention. If bad things we not do it.

Size: Length 4.3 cm. height 3.5 cm.

No. 567 (Have 2 colour)

Classic short fold For people who like to thin, but there is a detail behind the zipper to hide the bank again. Soft texture, who likes to put in the pants pocket, recommend not Tung Tung, Uncle Tung, soak for sure. Importantly, it can sit comfortably without any broken leather.

Size: Length 4.5 cm. height 3.5 cm.

No. 564 (Have 4 colour)

Here it is. Three folded bags in the legend. Comes with a hand strap Three folds focus on both bank cards and the back pocket to put the phone as well. Luxurious front detail With a soft leather texture that makes a lot of storage, just able to be flexible. The magnetic lid is of the highest quality. Who doesn’t buy is considered very missed. Really run out of every lot.

Size: Length 20 cm. height 10 cm.

No. 574 (Have 5 colour)

Long fold around the temptress The front detail of the bag is sewn on the front and embossed with a soft touch. There are 4 openings inside. Very wide, please tell this card to put the phone as well Premium grade zipper quality Comes with a hand strap The best seller in the world.

Size: Length 20 cm. height 10 cm.

No. 594 (Have 3 colour)

Who likes to fold this middle, perfect? Folded in the middle, but the inside details can be worn as much as the long fold Who’s a lot of things, a lot of cards, put Tung 2 buttons, adjustable There is another zipper inside to hide money. And has a small zipper to put more coins Folded in the middle but everything is complete with a hand strap.

Size: Length 15 cm. height 10 cm.

No. 580 (Have 5 colour)

3in1 long fold, long fold that comes with 2 sash straps – short and can be changed to be a hand strap. Ohh !!!! Come to sing the channel on the phone And the back zipper that opens very wide Both beautiful and versatile What are you waiting for?

Size: Length 20 cm. height 14 cm.

No. 394 (Have 7 colour)

Short fold, mini size. Cute and cherished This small detail, fully functional. Card slot, coin purse, money purse. For those who like small items, recommend it. Definitely not disappointed.

Size: Length 4 Inch. height 3.8 Inch.

No. 634 (Have 4 colour)

Three stylish folds The details of the front are elegant and curved. Comes with a hand strap Can fit as in the picture As well as having a back pocket to put the phone too Soft leather, very nice to use.

No. 622 (Have 3 colour)

4D wallet Which is more than a purse Can put everything. Zippers, slip open. There are 4 compartments, wide use. Many wide zips open Anyone who focuses on documents focusing on money or has many mobile phones. Want to put everything in this single sheet, can put a lot of this size but not large size, compact size.

No. 613 (Have 4 color)

A multi-purpose bag with a hand strap that can hold everything. There is a slight pleat at the bottom, allowing to put more stuff The inside detail comes with a very wide card compartment, allowing you to put everything such as money, bank books, lipsticks, coins, and a powdery case. The back zipper details are very open. Flat, compact but very large.

No. 601 (Have 6 color)

A long crossbody wallet, elegant, chic, slim, but very cute.

Size: Length 8 cm. height 5 cm. width 1 cm.

No. 610 (Have 5 color)

2 zippered wallets that can be carried, put on a chic arm and a cross body bang with 2 straps to use. How much capacity inside, see.

Size: Length 8 cm. height 4.5 cm. width 1.5 cm.

No. 638 (Have 10 color)

3 folded wallet with hand strap for mother Soft embossed bag cover Soft leather is very capacious and flexible. There are 10 colors to choose from. Beautiful, elegant, looks expensive, money goes well.

Size: Length 7.5 cm. height 4 cm. width 1 cm.

No. 648 (Have 5 color)

Size: Length 5 cm. height 3.5 cm.

No. 514 (Have 4 color)

Size: Length 7.3 Inch. height 3.8 Inch. Width 1 Inch.

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