No. 9634 (Have 6 colour)

Slanted bag can be both a backpack and a built-in bag. I can carry my face, back, and cross. Can be changed according to the mood of the girls The ladies are able to use. The adults who have back pain also have to use the backpack.

Soft leather, not used, not easy to scratch, according to the style of FAGINO, same as before. This one is very light and not heavy.

Size: width 4 Inch. Length 10 Inch. height 11 Inch.

No. 9073 (Have 4 colour)

Legendary backpack Forever classic This hairstyle doesn’t have out The inside has a lot of storage.

And most importantly, the backpack must be rebranded FAGINO only Made from genuine cow leather, copyright of our brand used, does not scratch easily The more old, the more beautiful.

Size: width 10 cm. Length 26 cm. height 33 cm.

No. 9537 (Have 6 colour)

The backpack is very strong, another way.
Can be a backpack, a backpack that can be carried across the front and back Importantly, this bag is a backpack with a central compartment and a front compartment in the back. How many usage channels? But like the girls who like a lot of channels Distinctly the focus, but the leather texture is soft and pleasant to use, very touching Easy care, not a scratch, a must FAGINO only.

Size: width 12 cm. Length 27 cm. height 29 cm.

No. 9598 (Have 5 color)

Backpack with strong currents to another type of value Whoever has a lot of items, recommend this one. What backpack has so many usage channels? Front zipper, middle compartment, back zipper Zip-Zip details, opening time, dragging on both sides Very comfortable Importantly, very lightweight For those who have back pain, try using a backpack. Adults available Teenagers use it well
Smooth but elegant. Smooth but elegant. Because it is FAGINO.

Size: width 11 cm. Length 18 cm. height 22 cm.

No. 9690 (Have 4 color)

Who has many things? This classic turtle-back backpack comes with a very chic fabric strap, a wide open zip mouth, convenient to use. Any strap is beautiful, bangs, shiny black parts, elegant.

Size: width 4.5 cm. Length 21 cm. height 22 cm.

No. 9711 (Have 4 color)

Size: width 4 cm. Length 20 cm. height 21 cm.

No. 9714 (Have 4 color)

Best bang, genuine leather backpack, 2 zips, comes with a spot strap, very chic, very beautiful, applicable for all genders and ages. Lightweight suede.

Size: width 5 Inch. Length 10 Inch. height 9.5 Inch.

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